Update 4.0

1️⃣ Desynthesis equipment and weapon to get 100% materials (costs ASPO)

2️⃣ Open new game mode (Guild War) for Guild feature

3️⃣ Update new Boss for Sealed Land

4️⃣ Update Artifact feature (strengthening the Spirit)

5️⃣ Increase activity points and rewards

6️⃣ Add Artifact pieces to the Roulette wheel

7️⃣ Open new chapters (20 - 25) for Campaign - Normal

Weapon/Equipment desynthesis

Listening to comments from the community, in Update 4.0, players were able to split weapons to receive 100% of materials. However, for this process to go smoothly, players need to spend an ASPO fee corresponding to the levels of the orange equipment/weapon.

In addition, ASPO World also gradually synchronizes the costs on the game to the same currency. The conversion fee orange equipment/weapon in Update 4.0 also changed from Gold to GASPO.

Guild War

In addition to War Base, Guild members from Update 4.0 can now participate in the all-new ASPO World activity - Guild War.

Not only relying on your own fighting strength, Guild War requires players to have solidarity, tactical thinking and a reasonable distribution of attack - defense formations to easily destroy opponent's Crystal as well as protect your Crystal.

Legendary Boss

Legendary Boss appears only 1 random day of the week at 20:00 UTC+7 from Monday to Sunday every week.

Legendary Boss will not appear again during the week if it has appeared before.

Unlike normal Bosses, Legendary Boss has a 100% probability of distributing GASPO rewards to lucky players who participate in boss fights. (with the reward pool up to more than 10.000 GASPO)

Artifact feature

To be able to balance the power of the main champion and the Spirit, ASPO World Update 4.0 will introduce a new feature called Artifact. With this feature, players can completely choose any stats and level up the Spirit's strength.

Depending on Artifact qualities, you can hunt this item in different places such as Artifact Dungeon, in-game Shop, Lucky Roulette and MarketPlace.

Increase activity points and rewards

Update 4.0 has added 2 gift bags of 60 and 80 activity points.

The more Daily activities, the more valuable the rewards.

Change the Lucky Roulette wheel

To support the new updates, in Update 4.0, Spirit Shards, Spirit Contracts and Orange Equipment will be removed from Lucky Roulette, replaced with the appearance of Main Artifact Elite Piece, Main Artifact Elite and Ether Box.

New chapters for Campaign - Normal

In version 4.0, ASPO World will also update new Chapters from 20-25 for Campaign - Normal to serve players with high combat power.

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