Coming to ASPO World, players can select one of three classes: Hunter, Fighter or Witch or to embark on their journey to become the King Of Sorcerers. With the ability to summon the spirits, players can give them orders to fight the battles, complete your quests and beat the opponents.

Before any fight, players are required to summon every single spirit they have on the battle stage. Both sides then take turns to attack the opposite side. Attack turns are dependent on you and your spirits’ attack speed. Who has the greatest attack speed takes the first turn to attack their opponents, and the next turns go to those with the next highest attack speed in order. Both sides’ only focus is to kill all the spirits of their opponent, and the last spirit takes the victory for that side.

While in the fight, players can select the auto-attack mode and select the skills they want the spirits to use. Players can also manually choose the skills they want at every single turn and hit the target they want by clicking precisely on any spirit of the opponent.

Rewards for victories include: ASPO token, experience, gold, spirit stones, souls and other items. All of the items can be sold directly on marketplace.

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