Classes and Skill Sets

As said earlier, players are asked to choose one of the three classes: Hunter, Fighter or Witch. However, by going through battles, gaining experience and upping level, players can unlock something we call “class transition”. From the basic classes, players will have 2 different choices based on their chosen class. Hunter operates with 2 subclasses (Scout and Sniper). Fighter will have their own subclasses as well (Rageblade and Guandao), and Witch includes Enchanter and Asura.

Right after the transition, the skill sets will be altered in accordance with your new class and weapon. Each character has their own stats (Strength, Speed, Health and Armor). These stats increase with the level.

After leveling up, in addition to the increased stats, your character can also strengthen the skills themselves. With the skill points received, you can add to any skill you want. Each character class will have 4 combat skills and 2 passive skills to support combat.

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