ASPO World

Official Whitepaper of ASPO World
  • Game type: Role-playing, Tactical, Short combat and NFT-based
  • Graphic: 3D
  • Mode: Online
  • Publisher: ASPO Corp
  • Operating systems: Android, IOS
  • Price: 400 ASPO Tokens/ account


ASPO World is a magic card NFT game constructed and developed based on the Blockchain platform by a team of potential developers with significant experience in the game-technology industry. By joining ASPO World, players can freely interact with other players in a massive virtual world by participating in matches, completing missions, and receiving unique items or game tokens.
On contrary to today's NFT games on the market, ASPO World boasts a serious investment in plot, graphics, and gameplay. In order to defeat other opponents and get closer to the Sorcerer King's throne, ASPO World requires players to equip themselves with high tactical thinking skills. Depending on the battle strategy, the way to map the main character as well as the Spirits, gamers can create dramatic, interesting fights and win the victory.
The overall number of Spirits available in ASPO World is 50. Each Spirit possesses unique skills and appearances, contributing to the diversity while also maintaining the gaming community's enthusiasm.
Players can earn ASPO tokens that represent a real part of the game universe as it has governance and fee sharing built into it. Since the player can earn this token by playing, doing quests, the player can actually acquire ASPO part of the ASPO universe. However, these missions are not all winners and reward each player based on their effort and skill. We believe in a future where work and entertainment become one. We believe in empowering players and giving them economic opportunities. Above all, we have a dream that fighting and collecting cute creatures can change the world. Welcome to our revolution.
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Special Features

  • Remove language and geographic barriers, resulting in a long-term community of players
  • Combine both elements: play-for-fun and play-to-earn
  • Allows players to independently hold and convert their personal assets to real money
  • Build a character line based on the plot of the Shaman King anime
  • Develop character graphics in the style of creative Japanese chibi 3D design


ASPO World wishes to bring to the gaming community and investors a well-rounded NFT game that is strongly developed in terms of game logic and graphics to provide a great gaming experience with high security.
ASPO World allows gamers have actual entertainment moments and immerse themselves in a virtual world, rather than simply growing passive income by actively swapping and buying NFTs with its own virtual economy, where geographical and linguistic barriers are no longer an issue.


Our ambition is to turn ASPO tokens into a commonly-traded token not only for one but for all of our upcoming games.
In the near future, ASPO hopes to create an ecosystem, a more diversified and colorful game universe, by building and developing more appealing games that exist alongside ASPO World.
In the far future, ASPO aspires to develop a complete ASPO Metaverse. ASPO Metaverse would be more than a mere NFT game; it will be a small virtual universe that allows players and investors from all over the world to connect with one another, reducing barriers such as language and geography, building a strong community of participants.
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