Update 2.0

Update 2.0 is the first major update of ASPO World since the game's launch.

New features on Update 2.0 include:

  • Guild

  • New Balance Arena (with Ban - Pick mechanism)

  • New Expedition (ROI hierarchy for hero's qualities)

  • In-game shop (selling in-game items)


With the new Guild feature in Update 2.0, players across the server can now form a strong team, capture guild points and bring home valuable rewards.

Besides fighting the boss in Sealed Land mode, players participating in the Guild also cooperate in fighting the bosses of the guild. There are 4 guild bosses in turn that level up according to strength.

Defeating the boss, players bring back points for themselves and the guild. Players can use guild points earned during activities and dedications to purchase necessary items in the Guild Shop.

In particular, the most prominent Guild feature is a game mode called War Base, which is open every Friday, allowing guilds across the server to compete for bases against each other.

New Balance Arena

Welcome players to the hottest game mode ASPO World - Balance Arena.

To add more fairness to the fierce PvP matches, in Update 2.0, we have added an attractive Ban-Pick mechanism to Balance Arena for players to experience.

In addition to keeping the diverse list of auxiliary spells, the hero table has also been expanded so that players can freely choose heroes that are suitable for their tactical thinking.

New Expedition

By listening to the community, the payback time when playing ASPO World has been improved a lot in Update 2.0 with a new mode called Special Expedition.

Heroes from Rare and above not only bring advantages in terms of combat strength, but also can be reinvested, providing a reasonable income for players.

Check out the ROI of ASPO World at: https://aspo.world/roi-adjustment-in-update-2-0/

In-game shop

Most of the items needed in the game are available for sale in the in-game shops. Just diligently playing ASPO World, collecting items is very easy.

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