Spirit System

The character's equipment in ASPO World often comes in sets and is linked with each other. When the character wears the required amount of equipment in the same set, it will be possible to activate additional hidden properties of the equipment. Players can strengthen, purge, inlaid stars,... to help increase stats, help the character to be stronger when using them.

Players can use Spirit Orb in combination with gold coins + ASPO tokens to upgrade the level of the spirits as well as using Soul Stones to help spirits level up when the level cap is reached. After a successful upgrade, your spirit will be able to upgrade any skill. In addition, players can attach badges, increase stars, attach gems or attach Mythology to help the spirits advance their strength.

Spirits cannot change qualities. However, players can up star Spirits to increase their strength. To increase the star of a hero, the player needs 2 material heroes with the same star and has been granted the right to burn. After the process of upping star, the Spirit will be from 1 star to 2 stars, or 1 star to 3 stars if Lucky Charm is used. (with a failure rate)

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