Game Modes

ASPO World has countless different game modes, divided into 3 main groups including:

Campaign mode

Also known as Story mode. In the campaign mode, players will take turns to challenge opponents who are NPCs. Each NPC will protect a challenging gate in the story chapter. After completing all the stages, players will receive a large reward of ASPO tokens corresponding to each chapter.

Quest mode

Including many different types of challenges such as: Training, Equipment Supplement, Patrol, Campaign. These activities will be reset every day and can only be entered with a certain number of times. However, the reward when completing the activities will include a lot of resources, equipment, upgrade items,... Try to complete them all, don't miss them.

In this mode, characters will take attendance to be rewarded with 0.2 tokens every day. On Saturday, they will get 0.5 tokens. Attendance for 1 month, they will receive 2 tokens at the end of the month.

Village guard quests: 30 times to get 1 token

Map quests: get 0.05 tokens for Easy maps and 0.1 token for Large maps .

The more difficult the quest is, the more tokens players receive.

The quests will not give more than 8 tokens per day.

Competition mode

Including 4 main forms: Challenge, Ranked, Duel, Fair Match. However, according to each type of arena, the scoring method, ranking rules and rewards will be different.

In particular, each player will deposit 0.5 tokens for 1 combat, the winner will receive the loser's deposit after deducting the gas fee. The winner will bear the gas fee. Unlimited combat p2p is considered as a form of tactical investment, whoever wins the mind game will win. Players can also earn tokens by completing the quests and waiting for sale.

The person who climbs to the top of the server monthly/ quarterly/ yearly will randomly draw for a reward. The rewards depend on the period. It can be stones, champions, or tokens.

Players can join in clans (clan combat mechanics will be soon updated).

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