Coming to ASPO World, players can select one of three classes: Hunter, Fighter or Witch to embark on their journey to become the King Of Sorcerers. By going through battles, gaining experience and upping level, players can unlock something we call “class transition”. From the basic classes, players will have 2 different choices based on their chosen class.

Characters are divided into three qualities: normal, rare and elite. After each stage, the player will be rewarded with spirit spheres, spirit stones, and amber. Players can use this material + 0.5 token to upgrade the quality of the character (with success rate). Doing so will make the coin become rare and push the coin's value higher.

The quality of the character and the fighting strength will be correspondingly strong so that the stronger character can conquer the maps with more difficult battle strength, thereby earning more tokens according to the difficulty of the map).

Therefore, if players want to have rare or elite characters, they must collect materials and squeeze out good qualities, players can sell good quality characters on NET Marketplace.

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