Character Witch


Enchanter: healing abilities, balanced attack and defense. Accompanied by the curse effect used to counter very well the squads with a lot of health, and the passive ability to revive. The Enchanter has the ability to help the squad recover a small amount of health, increasing the odds of reversing the situation when the opponent is too strong.


Welcome to Witch, there are two main jobs ASURA and Enchanter The damage and skill set is more about splash damage and healing By default, the fighter class will start the game as Asura, and when the character level reaches level 65, it will be swapped to the Enchanter The Asura has a skill set that favors extremely high splash damage when combined with spirits. When building a reasonable squad, it will help increase damage to opponents in PvE and PvP battles. In addition, the intrinsic of Asura has a single-target finishing skill, and it can help the squad finish the battles quickly.

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