Free To Play Update

Officially opening the Free to Play feature for players.

Free To Play feature

ASPO World will become more crowded than ever with the presence of 2 player systems: Free to Play and Pay to Play on the same server.

Coming to Free To Play, players will be provided with a full lineup of 4 Common free heroes by the publisher to experience the game. Free To Play players will be able to experience all the features of ASPO World before making an investment decision.

However, to ensure the integrity of Pay To Play players' interests, Free To Play players will not be able to withdraw tokens earned from the game to their wallets. To convert from Free to Play to Pay To Play, players need to buy at least 4 heroes on MarketPlace and spend 100 GASPO conversion fee.

Invite Code

In addition to allowing players to play ASPO World completely for free, Update Free to Play also introduces another feature called Invite Code.

Each player entering the game will be provided with a personal code, dedicated to sharing and introducing ASPO World to new players. The number of times the code is successfully activated will correspond to different attractive gift milestones.

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