Update 3.0

As announced Roadmap, a more complete ASPO World with lots of exciting innovation updates will launch to the gaming community in the last 2 weeks of May.

Update 3.0 includes:

  • 4 new heroes

  • New feature: World Balance Arena (for both F2P and P2P)

  • Hero fashion

  • Sealed Land and Ranking Arena reward adjustment

  • New in-game shop

4 new heroes

Update 3.0 is an Update that brings many new colors to the gaming community with the arrival of 4 new heroes.

Adding to ASPO World's 41 Spirits collection, new heroes including Valkyrie, Taichi Panda, Crock, Alice cannot be unlocked in the game, but can only be purchased during the publisher's only Summer Box sale.

World Balance Arena

Although the Free To Play feature has been available for a while, ASPO World free players still cannot participate in Balance Arena because of its inherent token staking mechanism.

In Update 3.0, Balance Arena was officially opened for Free to Play players. Not only can experience the hottest PvP feature on ASPO World, F2P players can also challenge P2P players across the server.

Instead of the ASPO betting mechanism in Balance Arena, World Balance Arena will use Honor points and martial arts points to reward winners.

Hero fashion

After a short time since the Mainnet version, ASPO first released a series of new hero skins (Fashion for Hero). 45 heroes. Except for 4 new heroes, each old hero has at least 1 skin.

Players can only own points to buy hero skins when completing mission milestones in the game.

Sealed Land and Ranking Arena reward adjustment

The reward mechanism for some ASPO World features such as Sealed Land and Ranking Arena has been changed in a positive direction in Update 3.0. The higher the top, the more gifts the player receives.

Ranking Arena: bonus Ether Box for Level 2 to Level 8

Sealed Land: bonus Weapon Ether for Top 10 damage

New in-game shop

To serve the use of Fashion Coupon and Honor points, ASPO has updated new in-game shops.

Players can buy new hero skins at the Fashion Shop and purchase necessary in-game items at the Honor Shop.

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